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Anytime you visit a site on the internet the host server temporarily records certain information
about you. The address of your internet service provider (AOL,MSN,etc), which pages you
visited, the time of your visit. This information is not requested by us and we cannot stop it from
occurring. The server needs the information in order to transmit the pages you wish to view to
your computer. We do NOT, however, keep, record, or even look at that information except in the
case of credit card fraud. After a time, 30-60 days, your information scrolls off the server and is
gone. This will happen at every site you visit on the internet. If you order a product on our site
then the information you provide is printed by us and used to process your order. It is only kept
for the period of time required by the IRS.

Any personal information, including email address, business address and/or telephone number
will not be sold or distributed to any outside parties. The information provided is used exclusively
by Ellerbusch Instrument Service LLC, in order to better serve our customer's needs. To
unsubscribe from any mail or fax list please see the information below.

This site may be linked to other sites which are not maintained by Ellerbusch Instrument Service
LLC and is not responsible for the content of those sites.

All materials contained within this site are subject to ownership rights of Ellerbusch Instrument
Service LLC, except that material which is already subject to the ownership rights of the
manufacturers of the products herein.

Ellerbusch Instrument Service LLC collects from site visitors, various types of information. This
information includes IP address, pages viewed, length of time spent on the site, and pages
accessed during their stay. That information is used internally for the purpose of improving the
content of our web site.

Ellerbusch Instrument Service LLC places the utmost importance on protecting information
transmitted via the site and will take security precautions to protect all such information.
Ellerbusch Instrument Service LLC will take all measures to secure and protect all customerspecific
information from loss, misuse, and alteration.

Our shopping cart (as with all the others of which we are aware) uses "cookies" to track your
progress through our site and identify you with the products you may order. If you have your
browser set to refuse "cookies" you cannot order online at our site. Some large companies
(using lan networks) prevent "cookies" from being set so if you are connected to a lan network
the cart may not work.

Ellerbusch Instrument Service LLC uses the information that is collected from users of the site to
notify customers of changes, sales and specials via email. At no time will any of this information
be distributed to any outside agency for any reason. Information compiled may be used for any
lawful, legitimate business purpose of Ellerbusch Instrument Service LLC

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